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I’m back!!

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So I was a bit of a slacker and I let my domain name registration expire. The consequence of that was the name got stuck in cancellation hell and I had to wait the registrar out to get it back. Unfortunately I did this with which I have had since college and some scumbag(actually went and is now squatting on it which really pisses me off. Fortunately I was able to recover

Bye bye POS! Hello Altima!

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So I got rid of my Jeep this afternoon. I’m finally rid of the albatross! You may ask, why the blog post? Read on!

So 2 years ago I took advantage of the cash for clunkers deal. I got a shiny new Jeep. I was so happy to finally be back into one of those. Too bad my excitement and happiness lasted all of about 30 minutes.

First things first. NEVER, EVER, EVER buy a car from Newark Jeep. The very first thing that happened was my battery died within 20 minutes of pulling off the lot. Sure, it had been sitting on the showroom floor but the salesman never once mentioned that the battery might die. Fine. I got the thing started again. Almost instantly I had issues with the gas tank. To Wilmington from Newark and back would eat a half a tank of gas. That’s a problem. The needle on the gauge would bounce back and forth. Yet the dealership could find nothing wrong. Then this past winter the hatch to the trunk died. Then the passenger side door. Then the back door on the drivers side. Then the AC went out. Fun. The thing was falling to pieces.

So I called the lemon law people. They thought they had a great case. Then after several calls, the case became less and less great. Finally the lawyer I was dealing with said to make an offer of $5000 to Chrysler to make me go away. I said fine if it would help me rid myself of the car. Chrysler came back and said no way. They made adequate attempts to fix the car. So the lawyers said no case, sorry.

In the meantime, the salesman who sold me the Conpass kept calling me to trade in on a Liberty I couldn’t afford. He would always start the conversation with, did the problem go away yet. Really? REALLY? So I tried to deal with him but he kept pushing me on a car I kept saying no to.  I finally told him he could meet my parameters or go away. He went.

So I started dealing with Nissan. Always great luck with them. They took care of me since my dad has been buying from them sinc 1983 back when they were Datsun. They moved mountains for me to get me where I was comfortable and I walked away today with an awesome 2012 Nissan Altima.

So long story short. Never will I buy a Chrysler again and I am estatic to be rid of the Compass. :)

9/11 – Ten Years Later. I remember…

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Time for a very special post on Brad Meets World. This is my remembrance of 9/11.

I think there are times in life where you can remember very vividly where you were at and what you were doing. For me, it was sitting in my Linguistics class, my last semester at WVU. The day started out like any other. I crawled out of bed, into my car and down to the lair for my 8am class. The class itself is quite a blur. I remember leaving class, hoping back into my car to go home to take a quick nap before my 2:30 pm Spanish class. That was my normal routine on a Tuesday and Thursday with of course the sprinkling in of hanging out in the APO office or grabbing lunch with my APO brothers.

This day was different. I didn’t normally listen to the radio at this point and had a mix CD in the player. In a time before XM radio, this was a normal listening pattern as I couldn’t stand WVAQ, the top 40 station in Morgantown. As I walked into my apartment, I check my AIM account. I had a message from Sean telling me to turn on the TV ASAP. I turned on the TV as the second tower was crumbling to the ground. I watched in shock and awe and the events continued to unfold throughout the morning. I would speak to Sean several more times that morning, also wanting to know if he had talked to his girlfriend Candy as she was in DC.

Heading back downtown for my class that afternoon, the Mountainlair was totally in silence. Students were huddled up in front of TV monitors throughout the building, continuing to watch events unfold. The feeling around campus was totally surreal and an eerie silence filled the halls of that building.

Arriving at class, the truly hardcore of students attended. Most skipped that afternoon to watch what was going on in NYC, PA and DC. Our teacher came to class and quickly sent us all home, asking “what were we doing there.”

It’s at that point in my story where the day starts to become a blur. I remember heading up to the mall and seeing it was closed and continuing to watch events unfold on TV as we would find out who was responsible and the story continue to unravel on TV.

It’s a moment, frozen in time that we as a country will never forget.

In the 10 years since that fateful day, life has moved on. We have returned to our normal routines. For many, life continues as if nothing happened but that day will be forever etched in the memories of the American people. On this day, we remember what happened in New York City, in Washington DC and in Pennsylvania. We remember so nothing like that ever happens again.


Is it time to move on?

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So earlier I posted quite an ominous twitter post.

It’s time to finally do something i’ve been talking about doing.

Of course I really haven’t been talking about doing this in public but with a few close friends.

So what am I talking about? I’m getting there, trust me!

This weekend I got together with a close group of friends from college. These people were part of my circle while I was in school. I don’t get to see them nearly enough. I was thinking, I am the only one of the group who doesn’t leave in DC.

So today I decided it’s time to change that.

I really don’t have too much going on in Delaware anymore. I’m working for the family business and there isn’t too much mobility there. I’m where I am going to be and unless I take it over which I don’t want to do then i’m not going to be able to go any further.

So instead of going golfing today, which I should have done in retrospect, I starting sending out resumes to companies in DC. I got myself on Craigslist and just fired out a few and I activated my resume on Monster for the DC Metro area.

I guess we will see what comes of it but I finally started to process. Of course I have a few issues around here I will need to take care of. The biggest one will be what to do with my house. I can’t really sell it no matter how much I would like to, at least until the market improves so I will have to figure that out. That can wait until the time comes.

So it looks like Brad is actually prepared to take that step to DC! Wish me luck! :)


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So i’m sitting here watching YouTube videos from the 70′s and 80′s. Such classics as Mork and Mindy, WKRP, Mr. Belvedere, Perfect Strangers, Too Close for Comfort and The Greatest American Hero. I start to wonder, how many of these great shows would make it today. I willing to bet none. Without these shows, we would never have gotten Robin Williams, Tom Hanks or had timeless characters like Larry and Balki, Dr. Johnny Fever or Mork from Ork. In today’s world of TV, networks live and die by ratings without any patience to grow and audience. If it’s not reality TV, the networks just arn’t interested. It seems like we are being robbed of potential classics because the powers that be have the attention span of a knat and that is a sad thing. :(

He’s been doing what???

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Speeddating? Brad? Really??? Yep it’s true! I’ve been going out speeddating. It’s actually very interesting. It’s definitely a lesson in communication. On the spot, 5 minute dates. You learn alot about the art of conversation with people. Or in my case, the lack there of. The other, less fun part of this is the chance to be rejected by 10-15 women in one night. Yeah, it does happen. Some might ask, well does it work? Or more so, has it worked for you? The answer to that question right now is a resounding no. However the more important thing it has done is get me out of the house and puts me in a situation that I probably wouldn’t go for under normal circumstances. It is however alot of fun though expensive to drive out to Philly.

However, like I said, speeddating is all about the art of conversation and the reason for this blog. Through the course of the evening last night I found out about something REALLY cool! I plan on investigating it and possibly joining.

That thing is, I has absolutely no idea that there was adult sporting leagues that were forming in the area. Even cooler than that, there is an adult kickball league. As many of my college friends probably remember, I pushed really hard to form an Alpha Phi Omega team when we were still all in college and we all had a blast doing it. So I am excited to actually see about getting involved again.

I’ll let you all know how that goes. :)

Until next time!!!!! :)

MTV | 30 – Music Television is DEAD

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At 12:01 this morning, MTV turned 30 years old. While VH1 Classics has been replaying the greatest hits of MTV’s past such as Live Aid right here in Philadelphia and overseas in London in Wembley Stadium. Such events like the showing the video Thriller for the first time to MTV News breaking the deaths of Kurt Colbain and Jerry Garcia. From epic events at the MTV Music Awards like Van Halen putting on a heck of a performance to the kiss heard round the world between Madonna and Britney Spears. From Bevis and Butthead to the Real World to Remote Control to the Headbangers Ball to Yo MTV Raps. Even the Beastie Boys guest VJing. MTV had such incredible moments throughout the years and you can still feel the specialness of this rebroadcast of MTV’s first hour. You can feel the electricity, the feel, that they knew they were part of something that could never be duplicated again. You knew from watching this new station unfold that it was history in the making.

If you were to turn on MTV today you would never know any of that was happening. You would never know VH1 Classics was rebroadcasting that launch. You would only see a rerun of the Jersey Shore. In fact, if you were to visit, they don’t have a single peep about today being anything special.

In 2010, MTV removed Music Television from it’s logo and in truth they had removed music from the station long before. There’s nothing special about MTV anymore. The things that made it unique, the things that made it the leader in the industry, the things that set the station apart from everything else are gone. Gone are the VJ’s like Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, JJ Jackson, John Stewart(you know, that guy from the Daily Show), Kurt Loder, Adam Curry, Bill Belamy, Downtown Julie Brown, Tabitha Soren, Kennedy and so many others throughout the years. MTV is just the dumping ground of horrible reality shows now.

When MTV launched in 1981, the first words we heard was Ladies and Gentleman… Rock and Roll! Today that line is foreign to the current philosophy at the network, Maybe on the 30th Anniversary they should have rebranded the network. Certainly the letters MTV do not fit it any longer.

I prefer to have my memories. I was 7 years old when the station launched and I remember growing up to bands like Aha, Duran Duran, Journey, and Madonna. Today those names are foreign to the station.

Hell, MTV in 1985 even made the Monkees relevant again!

They launched with Video Killed The Radio Star. How ironic that MTV killed the music video.

I want my MTV!

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It was August 1, 1981 at 12:01 am. MTV hit the airwaves and changed the way music was presented. MTV took the world by storm with how it presented music to a whole new generation of fans. We were witness to the rise of Michael Jackson, the breaking of the Trans-Atlantic world record by Phil Collins as he would play Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in London and then Philadelphia at RFK Stadium. We saw the crumbling of the Berlin Wall on MTV news. As the phenomenon was picking up steam, the powers to be would tinker with the successful formula. They would add our first taste of reality TV in the form of the Real World. We would be introduced to Ken Ober and Colin Quinn on Remote Control. Bevis and Butthead would cause parents everywhere to cringe and kids everywhere and Kennedy would delight us soon afterward. The Headbangers ball would become a Saturday Night staple.

Then it all fell apart.

Road Rules, more installments of the Real World, The State, The Ben Stiller and Tom Green Show, Aeon Flux, and Daria would all become MTV staples. Slowly the music part of MTV would be phased out. Quickly, shows like Teen Mom, Teen Wolf, That 70′s Show, TRL, Pimp My Ride, Cribs and others would take the music out of MTV.

2001 would mark the last time MTV would celebrate it’s birthday and the last time they would bring the original VJ’s back together. The MTV powers to be didn’t think today’s generation wanted to watch music from the 80′s and 90′s. The  music would be relegated to VH1 and MTV2. Slowly even on those stations, the music would be replaced with silly reality shows and cartoons.

This Monday is the 30th Anniversary of MTV. You’d never know it by actually watching the station. They have no intent to recognize their anniversary or the people who made the network. The original VJ’s have done a special on the 80′s station on Sirius Radio but there is to be no celebration on the network that, without the original 5, would not exist today. Without JJ Jackson, Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn, MTV would not be where it is today. Without those founding VJ’s, MTV would be just another station buried within hundreds and hundreds of stations on the TV tuner.

It’s a travesty that they are not being honored for their contributions to the network. The MTV powers don’t think kids today want to see the past? They discount the resurgence of the popularity of the 80′s. Everything old is new again. Kids are fascinated with the decade of decadence. They can’t get enough of the 80′s. They would eat up what MTV had to offer back then.

But MTV has made the decision to remove Music Television from their logo and in truth, it had been removed years ago.

So maybe it’s time we brought back an old saying. It worked in the 80′s and I think it would work today. Everyone near and far, scream it at the top of your lungs, post it on Facebook and Twitter and let everyone know, I WANT MY MTV!!!!!

Team Bring It!!!

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Time for a weekly update!

I seem to have hit a wall at 196. I have a funny feeling this week is going to be a lost cause.

I sprained my ankle Monday and haven’t been able to properly do my cardio. Awesome. As well, the gym I go to is undergoing renovations which is awesome but while this is going on, some of the cardio equipment has been unavailable. The treadmills are down so i’ve moved to the elliptical. As such, I don’t think i’m getting the workout I do on the treadmill. I’ve been playing with the settings but still not where I want. I also seem to have been outgrowing my Wii Fit. The same problems. I guess this is what you call growing pains.

Meanwhile I went to a job fair today at Citizens Bank Park. It amazes me how people dress for success. Hopefully my sarcasm is totally bleeding through. I saw some guy in a tshirt with writing on it with a sharpie. I will not repeat what it said but let’s just say it wasn’t very appropriate.

I did pick up 2 tickets to the Mets game on August 23rd while I was there. Anyone wanna go?

Oh yeah and the job fair! It was a total waste of time. All I got was you can apply on our website. Ok then! So why were you there again?

In case your wondering about Team Bring It. I have something in mind. :)


196 – My story

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So here is the blog I promised about my weight loss.

I use this picture as my motivation. I never want to go back to it. I say that all the time and I mean it.

This is me from tonight at 196 pounds. A long way away from the 250 that I was in the original picture.

I guess I face this problem where there are days that I can see my progress and i’m really happy and days that I don’t. I still have clothing issues. I’ve been slowly throwing stuff away but at the same time I still hold on to the bigger clothes and wear them even though I know it makes me look like i’m wearing a tent and I don’t need to. I’m told this is something common people suffer through when they lose a bunch of weight. They still see themselves as heavy even though they arn’t. That’s something I am going to have to work through.

Just so you all know who are reading this. I appreciate your support all the way through this process. I do this as much for you guys as I do it for me. I don’t ever want to let you down. If I didn’t have you all behind me I wouldn’t be able to do this. The support you all have shown me gives me the strength to stick to this.

I’ve been at this since April and I know the finish line is very far away. My ideal and goal weight is 165. I know I can pull it off and hopefully by this time next year there will be an entirely different person before you!

I’m out!